Personal Voodoo Manifesto Against Corporate American Force

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I am against American corporate forces.

With this manifesto it is my intention to conjure up real and magical armies against the Corporate State and the mindless zombies that fight for imaginary value on a rigged market.

I’m Building a Voodoo doll house with Ken and Barbie. Their dumbass kids will be there, glued to their surveillance device, next to the online exercise bike, in the kitchen, spread on the table, is their Wall Street unicorn statements, describing how well the markets are doing.

Of course their lives are a lie. That’s why I will douse them with lighter fluid and burn them to puddles of plastic garbage.

I call upon the forces of voodoo and Lucifer, his brother Jesus, Joseph Smith, all of his blessed wives and Muhammad to put an end to this terrible fiction.

On your knees with all eyes closed. In his name we pray.

Please God. Help.

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