Sanctimonious Commies Telling Me What To Say and Think. Alphabet

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Your idiot box wants me dead. My slightest mention of truth astonishes you. Your offense is desperate cover for their FAILING COMMIE SYSTEM.

The secret is out- YOUR SYSTEM is revealed. TOTAL COMMIE, lockdown, facemask, owned, controlled, fraud. Incomprehensible corporate capital, fake money, commie system from hell.

And you love it.

You fucking Commies.


Your system is crumbling.
Your scrying screen is your only refuge.
You’ve lost all touch with reality.
The truth is going to kill you.

GO FUCK YOURSELF, you ignorant, idiot box, sanctimonious COMMIES.

Your stay at FEMA CAMP BRAVO will be short lived.

Enjoy yourself with all the other commies.

VENn diagram; Commies:Vaccine/Facemask/Lockdown/Pandemic Lifestyle People equals ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

Father, you must forgive me. The fucking commies have got to go.

Help us, Father.

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