Saturn Is About To Explode. Techno Space Religion

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Forces from interloping solar system collapsing gravitational fields of large gaseous shit-bags floating in your space.

Captain Will Smith, with the Jesuit Astrophysics Lab in the mountains of Arizona explains,

“Imagine a huge morning star rising in the West. When the interloper skirts our field of attraction, sub atomic quantum particles fly away into the radiating winds of space. I urge you all to worship The Snake.”

Captain Will Smith

Space is falling apart.

Pindar, seen in the sky directly after Sundown, is coming to get you.

Saturn is exploding.

Techno Snake Religion

NASA remains tight lipped.

Snake lips.

New spells and craft by Elon and his Overlord, THE SNAKE. (Pindar)

Elohim Pindar on Arrival