Techno Space – Bitcoin and Monero -prune Function

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Modify .config file to exercise more daemon capabilities.

Consider config option -prune or, -prune-blockchain

The option -prune, removes certain parts of the chain, making the overall space/money required to run the node less costly.

A pruned node requires less disk space.

You may say, “See I told you, techno software wizards have blockchain technology shored up. Let’s all get on board, insert digital ID into veins, brain chip dildos on head, hook me up, I’m a techno whore.”

‘insert image of Elon Muskfake

Not so fast buckaroo. Let me explain.

The bitcoin -prune option allows users to enter a size, example: -prune=2048 for 20GB size, it uses select measure of disk to determine how much to prune-blockchain.

Monero -prune uses size-of-chain to determine how much to prune. Since size of chain is continually increasing, required disc space also increases.

Indicating the techno snake has determined more efficient way to requisition resources.

S/He is growing more desperate to feed.

All hands on deck.

Techno Space – Bitcoin and Monero -prune function

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