The Faith of Man

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The absolute betrayal of the people. You live in a world of throwaway morons, who believe anything they see on their device.

They came to your door with face mask ON. They knocked on your door with FACE MASK ON. They went away and returned with LAW ENFORCEMENT, with FACE MASK ON. And you are like a tomcat pouncing a lizard.

They went away after you told them to go to hell. It was all they could do, try to frighten you, like paid-off mafioso. [FBI]

You will never stop your unrelenting spiritual attack on them.

You will NEVER forget their wicked show-of-force at your door.

They will never allow you to live.

They will tell you that child in face mask is NOT ritual suicide– sadomasochism in plain sight.

They will tell you that corporate injections are righteous.

They will never repent.

They will kill you.

They will crucify you for what you SAY.


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