The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke book review. Techno Space Religion

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Arthur C. Clarke is a devil.

He pushed his SPACE RELIGION on all of us, calling it SCIENCE FICTION, sending missives to his fellow SPACE WIZARDS, riding helicopters over their disgusting shrines.

Proposing one-world beast mark systems unequaled in human agony; a disgusting galactic nightmare of singularity enslavement.

Tracked and traced like goyim in a jewelry shop.

And all of you VACKED UP MORONS fell for it.

Arthur C. Clarke should be exhumed, his demon shaped remains put into a trash reactor, and used to heat a chicken farm.

I couldn’t stop reading this book.


Forgive me, FATHER.


Top floor in asynchronous orbit over the equator. Made possible through the magick of ZERO-Gee manufacturing process. Trademarked.


Put ON your spacesuit and get to work.

Arthur C. Clarke.

Your future awaits in the VACUUM OF SPACE.

Some of my highlights and annotations:

The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke

Book last read: 2023-11-04 17:54:04
Percentage read: 100%

Chapter 11: 9. Filament
Chapter progress: 20.1%
Highlight: It can be mass-produced only in the orbiting factories, where there’s no gravity to interfere with the growth process.”

Notes: Manifest space economy.

Chapter 12: 10. The Ultimate Bridge
Chapter progress: 21.13%
Highlight: I’m a newswoman, dammit—not a news person.”

Chapter 12: 10. The Ultimate Bridge
Chapter progress: 22.68%
Highlight: And then, for the first time in history, we will have a stairway to heaven—a bridge to the stars.
Notes: Calling lord Nimrod.

Chapter 14: II. The Temple
Chapter progress: 26.8%
Highlight: Anyone who doubts the connection between religious fanaticism and perversion should take a long, hard look at the Malleus maleficarum or Huxley’s The Devils of Loudun.”

Chapter 18: 15. Bodhidharma
Chapter progress: 32.99%
Highlight: That’s not good enough
Notes: Covid scam.

Chapter 22: 19. By the Shores of Lake Saladin
Chapter progress: 38.14%
Highlight: He came of a family that was not afraid to take risks, and seldom had cause to regret them. Its first and most famous gamble—which had incurred the hatred of the whole Arab world for almost half a century—was the investment of its abundant petro-dollars in the science and technology of Israel.
Notes: Shiek Abdullah. Gfys Arthur C. Clarke.

Chapter 22: 19. By the Shores of Lake Saladin
Chapter progress: 39.69%
Highlight: The World Bank. The planetary banks. The federal government.”

Notes: Gfys Arthur C. Clarke

Chapter 26: 22. Apostate
Chapter progress: 44.33%
Highlight: Goldberg had been widely acclaimed as another Einstein
Notes: Lol

Chapter 27: 23. Moondozer
Chapter progress: 44.85%
Highlight: But there was no substitute for reality; one should beware of imitations.

Notes: S&M face mask on children for health and safety.

Chapter 27: 23. Moondozer
Chapter progress: 45.36%
Highlight: All available funds were needed for the development of Mars.
Notes: Gtfo planet Elon Musk.

Chapter 27: 23. Moondozer
Chapter progress: 45.88%
Highlight: Eos—Greek for dawn—the plan to rejuvenate Mars.
Notes: Gfys total recall.

Chapter 27: 23. Moondozer
Chapter progress: 46.39%
Highlight: Mars could be another Garden of Eden.
Notes: Fu Arthur C. Clarke

Chapter 28: 24. The Finger of God
Chapter progress: 48.45%
Highlight: Global Weather Authority,
Notes: gfys Arthur C. Clarke.

Chapter 32: 28. The First Lowering
Chapter progress: 53.09%
Highlight: No one had ever before tried to steer a space probe trailing forty thousand kilometers of wire.
Notes: Orbital cascade failure.

Chapter 39: 34. Vertigo
Chapter progress: 60.82%
Highlight: The universal code had made that unnecessary, since once a person’s lifetime identity number was known, he could be located within seconds.
Notes: Fuck you, Arthur C. Clarke.

Chapter 39: 34. Vertigo
Chapter progress: 62.37%
Highlight: Rolt’s classic biography Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Chapter 44: 38. A Place of Silent Storms
Chapter progress: 67.53%
Highlight: At their upper limit they merge into the Van Allen radiation belt, whose discovery was the first triumph of the early Space Age.
Notes: Apollo moon mystery.

Chapter 53: 47. Beyond the Aurora
Chapter progress: 81.96%
Highlight: We could ask Monsoon Control to dump a few barrels of electrons in the right places.
Notes: Gfys weather control people.

Chapter 61: 55. Hard Dock
Chapter progress: 91.75%
Highlight: it was amazing how quickly one got used to the mask
Notes: You dumb fucks.

Chapter 63: 57. The Last Dawn
Chapter progress: 93.81%
Highlight: It was good to breathe again without a mask,

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