To Do List. Alphabet – Corporate Science

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Devise plan to dispose of all fake money people without massive casualties, death, and destruction. A wild swap in fortune, a graceful revolution.

Avoid systemic slavery, track and trace network grid– social credit is here, the commies have won.

The Money is Fake : They Own Everything

They own everything, therefore, the money is fake.

The money is fake, ergo, they own everything.

They own everything, such as, the money is fake.

They own everything, whereas, the money is fake.

They won everything.

Pray for my neighbors and hope they are praying for me.

Give thanks for the now. Because the commies are coming to your door.

Continue clearing the land.

Great job with the foundation.

Social credit above average.

Prepare steam ships with paddle wheel drive systems. The chain links are as big as a man’s head.

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