We Need To Talk About The Sun and Chemtrails. Corporate Science

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We all feel the changes. Try to keep up.

The wine dark sea is eating you. Thundering waves of everlasting climate change.

The non-stop loop of death, putrefaction, fermentation, mycelium networks, macro-nutrients, and life everlasting.

Do not succumb to the dumb.

Release yourself from their science.

Embrace facts.

Their construct is over.

My thoughts:

The SUN must be changing us into beings that cannot, will not tolerate their shit for a second longer.

They are forced to spray, covering the stratosphere in mucus membrane of molecular translucence.

Up there, in the sky.
I can see your spray.
Why are you doing this?

Spraying the sky is more or less horrifying than mandating corporate injections for continued slavery in Babylonian nut vice.

The madness is getting to me.

I Love all of you.

I know what you must do.

It’s in the script.

They are going to KILL US.

For they know not what they do.

What belongs to you shall come to you.

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