Apocalypse Science – What I Miss about The City. DUMPSTER DIVING

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I’ve been living out in the pines for ten months. Everything is going according to plan, the installs, upgrades, and maintenance. One thing I miss about my tract home and suburbia hellscape is other people’s garbage. I’m talking about the physical refuse that subsistence apartment structures provide. DUMPSTER DIVING.

The unlimited supply of other people’s stuff. Containers, buckets, computers, laptops, graphic cards, memory, furniture, rugs, lumber, crates, and craft material of all kinds. I was accustomed to making daily walks to several of the dumpsters in my area and was always surprised, shocked, and amused at the people’s trash.

Every day a free shopping day, a treasure trove of trash from the subsistence apartment structures. Thank you for all of your garbage, may your apocalypse be great.

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