Clif High’s War Against The Elohim – Techno Space Religion

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Here’s the setup. The Gods of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, The Elohim, are an off-world space gang that require human sacrifice, tributes of wine, gold, frankincense, and myrh.

They were stoned most of the time.

Huffing massive amounts of smoked organ meat.

Brutal bastards that bullied the Essenes around Judea, and messed with our human genome.

Now, the exciting part. When the aliens return to set fire to the WHORE OF BABYLON, Clif will lead the charge.

God Speed Clif High. You and your Space Force heathen will be the two/thirds destroyed by prophecy. You are truly doing God’s Work.

I will kindly give three cheers and tip of the cap to whoever/whatever can burn this WHORE down.

Welcome The Aliens

Narco Planet Normal

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