It was only my BROTHER. Apocalypse Science – Corporate Science – Alphabet

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My paranoid fueled creations were far more dynamic than the sad truth.

It was my own BROTHER.

He called the FEDS on me cause he loves wearing a slave mask.

Instead of a scorned lover, it’s my miserable, commie, BROTHER.

Instead of a top secret work partner, it’s my ignorant BROTHER.

Instead of a mystery, it’s my BROTHER.

I laugh at you, you stupid BROTHER.

Your pettiness and narcissism knows no bounds.

You are a processed, GMO individual.

God Bless You.


You dumbass.

He will martyr himself for the religion of fake science.

He loves children in S&M bondage face mask.

He believes in social distancing.

He believes in Lock Downs and Quarantine zones.

He will die for Dr. Fauci.

He wants to throw a party for Noam Chomsky on Epstein’s island. A harem of young children in S&M bondage face mask serving vials labeled: Lockheed Martin Experimental Injections; Not for human consumption. Inorganic, GMO, morons ONLY.

He believes everything on his IDIOT BOX.

In short; He is a commie NARC.

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