Russian Secret Agent – Apocalypse Science

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I met a Russian Secret Agent at local coffee bar.

She told me she was from the Caucus Mountains East of the Black Sea.

The Mother Land.

Perfect teeth, deep blue eyes, beautiful dark hair; perhaps colored to keep her less conspicuous.

She told me the Ukraine War is real. Except for the strange fact that all modern amenities continue to operate; gyms, grocery stores, yoga studios, and fuel depots.

She told me the men in Ukraine are forbidden to leave. The women and children can travel freely, but the men are turned away at the border and told to go home.

She told me Putin forbids his people from talking about “the war”.

I hope to see her again, and hear her Russian talk.

A beautiful language. Stern and flowing like melt water from icy mountain spring.

I wonder if she will include me in her reports back to The Kremlin?

Howdy, beautiful Russian Agent. Good to talk with you.