Two Prayers

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Prayer by Elder Qadash

Thoughts, imagination, wicked dreams, and terrible appearance, make me clean; clean my clothes. Show me what I need. Help me. I want to be blameless. Forgive me. Help me. I am lost. I need the Holy Angels. I’m nobody. I’m a chump. I’m a loser. Help me be a winner. I don’t want to be Pharisees nor Scribe. Help me be more like your son. Help me treat the poor, and sick, and fatherless, and widow. Help me do the things that are pleasing in your eyes. Help me help my brothers ans sisters. Help me be a leader, a man, a friend. Help me show myself friendly.

Prayer by Peter

The time is now to cast your blessings out among the people. Harness the Holy Angels that surround you, and direct them towards our enemies. Dash their heads against the rocks, and spare no evil.

The incredible power is yours, Brothers and Sisters.

Take no prisoners. You have been given the power of discernment and wisdom. The Fullness of the Gospel is here for you. Take your light and be the remnant force that destroys the wicked.

So we can live in peace, my beloved family. So we can live in Christ, of the Father, in the Holy Spirit, we empower The Holy Order, and support their FINAL assault against the Evil One.

Father, we are nothing without your power. Bring your sword, Father. Bring it to cleanse this unclean realm of ghouls, goblins, witches and warlocks. We don’t need them here, Father.

Bring your divine JUSTICE NOW, FATHER!


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