Forty Five Degrees – Effect of Fish – GROW BARREL GREENHOUSE

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Once upon a time, in the Piney Woods, lived a bald headed, crotchety, old man with nothing but time. He was constantly finding things for himself to do.

The old man is a curmudgeon, he thinks the money system is fake, he thinks The God Particle is SNAKE SCIENCE, he thinks covid is a lie. You see how this man is.

On a beautiful Fall Day he burned a nice fire, he summoned the archangel Michael.

“Most powerful Elohim, Michael.” The old man said to the angel.

The angel appeared in the trees, a refraction of plasma energy.

I am tired here, the old man said. The people have forsaken the truth. There is nothing but darkness in the masses. How have I come to this place? Are my sins so terrible?

The archangel looked down on the trembling old man. What a pussy he thought.

“Tonight I will send the temperature of FORTY FIVE degrees and smite all of your fish.” Said the Elohim.

That evening the temperature dropped. The little fishes all looked dead in the morning. I left them to be memorialized. On returning that afternoon, all of the little fishes were revived and swimming.

It’s a Miracle.

45 degrees nearly killed my little fishes. Tonight will be fifty. I hope they live.

God Bless.

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