The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich Raspe book review

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Is the Baron making fun of sportsmen? Yes.
Is the Baron a liar? Yes.
Is the Baron a German? Yes.
Is the Baron a lizard? Yes.
Is the Baron a swindler? Yes.
Is this book a joy? Yes.

Does this book occupy your time during tribulation? Yes.
How many people took the experimental injection? All of the people.
Do the people love their slave mask? Yes.
Will they all die at the hands of corporate media? Yes.
How stupid are the marauding masses? Too stupid to measure.

Published anonymously in 1785 and added upon through the centuries, this book was Erich Raspe’s attempt to make some guineas after finding himself a jewel thief. The good lizards in Germany raised Raspe up from one position to the next as he succeeded in every endeavor, a genius of sorts, Raspe was charged with taking stock of the Fiefdom’s jewels, the temptation of selling them to the Saracens too much for the smart guy to resist.

He made it to the UK where he again found himself in league with Jewelers, and was assigned to assay prospective mining locations. He planted valuable ores in the veins, claimed the Royalties, and again made off like a thief. I believe the story ends with Raspe dying a poor, smart guy, in dirty smock.

So goes the life of a Jeweler.

My highlights and annotations:

The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich Raspe

Book last read: 2023-10-11 17:54:20
Percentage read: 99%

Chapter 12: Chapter V
Chapter progress: 18.42%
Highlight: I have always been as remarkable for the excellency of my horses, dogs, guns, and swords, as for the proper manner of using and managing them, so that upon the whole I may hope to be remembered in the forest, upon the turf, and in the field.
Notes: Sportsmen

Chapter 19: Chapter XII
Chapter progress: 32.63%
Highlight: for it is a well-known fact, that during the three months the college was suspended in the air, and therefore incapable of attending their patients, no deaths happened, except a few who fell before the scythe of Father Time,
Notes: Removing MD doctors.

Chapter 20: Chapter XIII
Chapter progress: 34.21%
Highlight: What the sex see in me I cannot conceive, but the Empress is not the only female sovereign who has offered me her hand.

Chapter 21: Chapter XIV
Chapter progress: 36.32%
Highlight: His mother was a native of the mountains of Savoy, and had a most beautiful large wen on her neck, common to both sexes in that part of the world;
Notes: Boil on neck.

Chapter 33: Chapter XXIV
Chapter progress: 63.68%
Highlight: In fact, we know less about the interior of Africa than we do of the moon; for in this latter we measure the very prominences, and observe the varieties and inequalities of the surface through our glasses—

Chapter 33: Chapter XXIV
Chapter progress: 63.68%
Highlight: Hilaro Frosticos,
Notes: Noble friend

Chapter 35: Chapter XXVI
Chapter progress: 67.89%
Highlight: by introducing the arts and sciences of Europe among the people.

Notes: Invasion story.

Chapter 35: Chapter XXVI
Chapter progress: 68.42%
Highlight: I consulted with my noble friends, Gog and Magog,

Chapter 35: Chapter XXVI
Chapter progress: 70.0%
Highlight: laden with the fudge that we demanded.

Chapter 37: Chapter XXVIII
Chapter progress: 73.16%
Highlight: I ordered the architects to get the heads of some hundred numbskulls and blockheads, and fix them to the interior surface of the arch, at certain intervals, all the whole length, by which means the arch was held together firm,
Notes: Lol

Chapter 43: Chapter XXXIV
Chapter progress: 88.42%
Highlight: Marie Antoinette,
Notes: kill the covid commies

Chapter 43: Chapter XXXIV
Chapter progress: 88.95%
Highlight: and ran away as fast as they could for fear of being aristocrated by knighthood.

Notes: Lol

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