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Here are some FACTS about the author.
I was born in DFW suburbia North Sector.
Graduated from large Public High School.
Acquired Private Pilot License at 16.
Graduated from large State College.
Human Resource Management and Organizational Development.
Acquired Commercial Multi-Instrument CFI.
CIA/DOD 911 attack.
Process bank loans for corporate organization.
Met wife.
Acquired hrs. PIC multi engine Cessna 310,401,402,421.
Acquired PSA Dornier 328 First Officer.
Married Wife
Acquired CRJ 200 First Officer.
Divorced Wife
Acquired DOD Contract Position
Quit DOD Contract Position.
Acquired admin P2P escrow
Acquired shiny silver robot.
Shiny silver robot went missing.
Directed other manifestations.
Said too much on social media.
Forced out of residential sector.
Currently living in Piney Woods adjacent to cart barn.
Praying the Federales don’t come with SWAT system.

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