Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia by David Hatcher Childress book review

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You can’t fit a piece of paper between the megalithic stones. The building process cannot be duplicated today. Nobody knows how the stones were worked, dressed, polished or placed on the highest, most inaccessible part of the mountains. Nobody knows the original purpose of the keystone cuts, the impossible inside corners and exacting standards of the construction.

Why do academic garbage people, who insist we follow the science, who tell us it is safe to put children in face mask- why do they make up so many lies? And why do they continue to propagate lies and censor the TRUTH?

It’s a shame. Because a train ride from Cuzco to Machu Picchu sounds like a trip of a lifetime, but I will be unable to go, because I WILL NEVER TEST, COVER MY FACE, OR, INJECT MYSELF FOR PAID-OFF HEALTH ADMINISTRATORS.

Total bullshit. They want us to believe these ancient, massive stones were quarried, moved, placed and then abandoned within the span of 100 years? Sometime before the Spanish Conquest (1400-1500s)?

Go fuck yourselves, you garbage academic morons, wearing your mask, triple jabbed with corporate mystery fluids. YOU ARE WRONG. AND YOU WILL NEVER ADMIT IT. YOUR ‘corporate science’ is a sham.

I tend to think the keystone cuts and metal clamps were not structural in nature as Childress presumes. The mass of the stones could not be held in place by the molten metal keys (cramps). That would be like holding a brick house together with paperclips. Instead, I believe the metal cramps and cuts were used to conduct/connect the stones electromagnetically for the purpose of transducing whatever power they were employing at the time.

I bet you would like to censor that- YOU GODDAMN ACADEMIC GOONS.

Does the FBI require a “college education”?

Congratulations, you can now be a “system administrator” IN HELL.

Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia by David Hatcher Childress

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