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Make trailer ready for epic mission to retrieve rolling asset. It’s going to be a close one. The timing will have to be perfect.

Currently, asset dormant in dry storage. Your mission is to retrieve rolling stock for direct return to base.

Prep trailer. Test and repair all systems on trailer. Ensure system is ready for departure.

Selecting departure time. Here follows important considerations when selecting departure time, a key component to the success of this mission.

  • – Make sure you leave before collapse of financial/logistic system.
    – Do not leave during or after thermonuclear attack.
    – Bring gear and animals required for prolonged stay in theater.
    – Lock and secure location before departure.
    – Notify counterparts in arrival zone.
    – Avoid face mask zombies and corporate goon hounds.
    – Pray to God for safe travels.

Expect more detailed reports as mission planning proceeds.

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