Bluetooth Scanner Proximity Sensor and Intrusion LOG. Media Access Control VACKED PEOPLE. Apocalypse Science

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I want to keep a log of every VACKED PERSON in range of my bluetooth scanner.

The LineageOS for android default bluetooth driver contains extremely useful feature when “Pairing new device.”

Of course, this procedure assumes you have enabled “Developer Mode” with UNNAMED BLUETOOTH DEVICE turned ON. Instructions here:

When your scanner finds a MAC, it will be added to your pairing list. The list will LOG all MACs in range until you restart the scan.

Scanning and logging VACKED PEOPLE Media Access Control (MAC) address.

Setup the scanner and leave it running. When you return, the scanner will contain a PROXIMITY LOG of all VACKED PEOPLE (list of MACs) that encroached on your area.

Happy Scanning

Media Access Control
Certificate of Vaccination ID.

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