COVID-19 Memoirs. Driving to The State Line for Supplies.

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Made it to the store. Was told by the manager that I should be wearing a mask. She allowed me to buy beans, even overriding the two-can per person ration. Thanks lady.

Everyone in masks now. Statewide lock-down order in effect. My motorcycle is full of fuel. I have beans for 10-14 days. I bought a big bag of dog food. Mo seems to be annoyed with my heightened paranoia. I tell him it’s just for a little while longer. I know it’s not true.

They will continue the lock-down. Food is already getting scarce. People will try to order their food with week/month long delays. It’s not looking good.

But God promised to protect me and my family. We are good people. We never meant slight or harm to anybody. Please forgive us Lord! We are so sorry for our sins! Deliver us from this terrible future! OMG!

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