Cutting Commies Deep. Lizards Take Down Site. Alphabet – Corporate Science

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Pepper.Works was attacked (again) after posting article about Texas Commie Border War.

At about 2300 local 24 JAN the lizards came with their techno forces.

The site remained down until I awoke out of a deep and pleasant slumber, dreams of covid commies rotting away in FEMA camps, the burning remains of large Alphabet buildings, fake Federal Reserve notes blowing in the wind.

I will never forget your Corporate Extortion Scam. Covid
You forced the children into your sick BDSM fantasy.
You sent your goons to my home.
This is what war looks like.

You commie bastards can fight the FEDs over beaners at the border, but when they forced the children into BDSM hypochondria fantasy you DID NOTHING. GFYS stupid commies. You are fake people.

More info about lizard techno attacks:

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