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I heard the thunder of a machine. Far off on the steel gray horizon, shrouded by the gloom of threatening rain, came the sound of a flying locust.

Are they coming for me? Do they hate me so much, has my face mask refusal, non-stop incessant REVOLT against corporate injections (MRNA AIDS), lockdowns, THE FEDERAL RESERVE (CDC), nightmare passport system, total domination and control– has my time finally arrived?

The thundering sound grew into a great flapping, each tip of the locust blade slapping the air, breathing fumes of dead dinosaurs.

This is it! They’ve finally had enough of my personal freedom and absolute birthright to rage against the system of SATAN!

They’ve come to get me! The locust above reconnoiters the landing zone. I see men inside, dressed in official costume, a bad movie script, but real life over my head.

Fight or flight! I decide to stand my ground, and was surprised to find myself extremely excited to meet THE CORPORATE ARMY OF SATAN, and tell them they are ALL going TO BURN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE.

It’s OVER.

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