Quitting Coffee. Apocalypse Science

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Getting out of bed has lost all meaning.

Everything is crepuscular.

Nothing is fun.

I’ve been off coffee for 72 hours.

The first 24 were manageable. Slight pain in the joints.

The next 24 began a screaming lower back problem, manageable with asprin.

Sleeping in starts and fits. Kidneys exploding.

Lower extremities feel distant and painful.

Walking is a chore.

I don’t think I will survive

Quitting Coffee.

Turns out, coffee is required for life.

Why are you quitting coffee?

To see if I can. I cannot.
To see if I’ll live during FEMA food rations. No coffee.
To see if I can dominate man-machine interface.
Flesh in subjection.
The power of the fast.

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