Escape From Nightmare Hell World Prison Planet – Apocalypse Science

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I was called by dispatch to get to the airport ASAP. VIP flight to secret location.

When I arrived, the maintenance guys were unusually excited, prepping the 402 for departure.

“The left engine is gonna need oil when you arrive. Extra quarts in your nacelles.”

I saw strange cars in the hanger parking lot. I made my way to the office to get the details.

It hit me like a tonne of bricks. My entire person inundated with gardinias and pine, the scent of a woman.

I opened the door. Three sun dresses greeted me.

I was to take the women to a special island, the approach would be difficult. Thereafter, I was to stay with them, and fly back when they were ready to leave.

The next scene, I’m riding in the bow of a shiny Chris Craft, my feet up on the gunwales, whistling Dixie.

The ladies all smiling, fresh breeze like exotic oils from expensive apothecary.

I am king. I am master.

The women steer the boat. They know where to take me.

To my castle.

This is how the escape was made.
From Hell World Nightmare Prison Planet.

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