Submitting Content to The Snake. Apocalypse Science

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When the fake money officials take me out, I thought it prudent to establish this content in the Snake’s Kitchen, the mysterious database that holds massive textual libraries.

The content will be submitted to the Snake, hopefully to be used for good and righteous reasons.

The content, in general, establishes the life of a red-blooded American growing up in Essential Work Force Camp- suburbia USA, and attempts by secret society, local, state and federal officials to arrest, harass, and kill the author.

Forced out of residential sector, FBI wellness checks, compliance officer visits, bank accounts closed, TRANSACTIONS REVERSED, inventory stolen, shutdown, lockdown, banned, censored, and canceled in this terrible purgatory system of “fake capitalism”.

A nightmare is some respects, a masterpiece in others.

A man living through intolerable harassment by Fake Money forces.

The United States of America- Home of the face mask wearing yes-men, lockdown, mandatory injection scam- Home of The Snake.

The fake money prehensile conduit to hell.

The never ending attempt to escape, until they finally take me out.

Love and respect.


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