The Frozen Pirate by Willian Clark Russell book review

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Rodney finds himself stranded on an iceberg in the Southern Ocean. Crashed out with no victuals or shelter. How does he survive? How can the story proceed? How does Rodney get back home? How does he smuggle the great pirate treasure into his English financial system? Are the Eighteen-Hundreds even real? Did they make all of our history up like this excellent story of a man stranded on an iceberg.

Some of my highlights.

The Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell

Book last read: 2022-03-24 21:33:58
Percentage read: 100%

Chapter 14: CHAPTER XV.
Chapter progress: 42.18%
Highlight: I know not how it was, but I felt no joy in this man’s company.
Notes: Face mask people.

Chapter 14: CHAPTER XV.
Chapter progress: 43.2%
Highlight: Is not one day of an open boat, with no society but the
devils of memory and no hope but the silence at the bottom of the sea,
an eternity?

Chapter 15: CHAPTER XVI.
Chapter progress: 47.28%
Highlight: He shook his head knowingly, and an air of complacency, that would be
indescribable but for the word French, overspread his face.
Notes: Haha. The French.

Chapter 16: CHAPTER XVII.
Chapter progress: 50.34%
Highlight: disappointment is good for holy fathers; it
makes them more earnest in their devotions and keeps their paunches from

Chapter 17: CHAPTER XVIII.
Chapter progress: 52.38%
Highlight: He was completely a Frenchman in
his vanity, and you would have thought him entirely odious and
detestable for this excessive quality in him alone.
Notes: Haha. The French.

Chapter 20: CHAPTER XXI.
Chapter progress: 62.24%
Highlight: I talked easily
and confidentially, but I saw in his gaze the eyes of my murderer, and
was so sure of his intentions that had I shot him in self-defence, as he
sat there, I am certain my conscience would have acquitted me of his
Notes: Bill Gates

Chapter 20: CHAPTER XXI.
Chapter progress: 62.59%
Highlight: “I dreamt last night,” said he, “that the devil sat on my breast and
told me that we should break clear of the ice and come off safe with
the treasure—there is loyalty in the Fiend. He seldom betrays his
Notes: Anthony Fauci

Chapter 21: CHAPTER XXII.
Chapter progress: 65.65%
Highlight: Yet this was but poor comfort too; it threatened a terrible long spell
of waiting, with perhaps disappointment in the end, and months of
enforced association with a wretch with whom I should have to live in
fear of my life.
Notes: Bill Gates

Chapter 21: CHAPTER XXII.
Chapter progress: 65.99%
Highlight: If you will treat me
civilly you’ll not find me wanting in every disposition to render our
miserable state tolerable; but if you insult me, use me injuriously, and
act the pirate over me, who am an honest man, by God, Mr. Tassard, I
will kill you.”
Notes: Note to FEDS

Chapter 21: CHAPTER XXII.
Chapter progress: 65.99%
Highlight: But
if I don’t fear death, depend upon it, I don’t fear you—and I take
God to witness that if you do not use me with the civility I have a
right to expect, I will kill you.
Notes: To the FEDS

Chapter 22: CHAPTER XXIII.
Chapter progress: 71.09%
Highlight: He had gone to bed a man, as I might take it, of fifty-six,
and during the night the angel of Time had visited him, and there he
sat, a hundred and three years of age!
Notes: Vaccine symptoms.

Chapter 24: CHAPTER XXV.
Chapter progress: 77.21%
Highlight: But he is a poor sailor who is slow at substitutes.
Notes: Figure a new way to get it done.

Chapter 24: CHAPTER XXV.
Chapter progress: 77.55%
Highlight: When the old man in Æsop calls upon Death
to relieve him, and the skeleton suddenly rises, the old man changes his
mind, and thinks he will go on trying for himself a little longer.
Notes: Endure

Chapter 24: CHAPTER XXV.
Chapter progress: 78.23%
Highlight: The poet speaks of the spirits of the vasty deep; if you want to know
what exquisite artists they are, enter the frozen silences of the south.

Notes: Try to see ice flow in southern ocean without face mask vaccine or test before u die.

Chapter 24: CHAPTER XXV.
Chapter progress: 78.57%
Highlight: the pen of a Fielding or a

Chapter 25: CHAPTER XXVI.
Chapter progress: 79.25%
Highlight: Well, supposing it so, I should not have been the only man who ever
scared his good angel away and found it faithful afterwards.
Notes: Thank you Father

Chapter 25: CHAPTER XXVI.
Chapter progress: 81.29%
Highlight: But would not a man whose
health is hearty, and who hopes to save his life, be worse off than a
sheep in the matter of brains not to keep a firm grip of Fortune’s hand
when she extended it?


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