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Alphabet et al.

  • One island in the Caribbean Sea with castle and seaside battlements, protected harbor and dry-dock facilities with freight handling equipment and buildings.
  • Two large open water vessels suitable for circumnavigating all oceans. (appropriate operating instructions, fuel and service included with no questions asked clearance to sail and embark wherever I want.)
  • Every month you will deliver to my island a full stock of your best stuff, fresh unprocessed food, and anything I request.
  • You will build an airfield with large hangar on my island and supply me with Pilatus PC-24, single pilot type rating, unlimited clearance and unlimited service/fuel to wherever I want to fly, no questions asked.

If you fail to agree to any of my demands, you will feel the unrelenting power of my constant FREE SPEECH.

Prepare the documents, my island, my boats, and plane.

Or else.

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