AUG 8 and AUG 21 – Two of the last three cosmic waves will arrive – Remedy h Brother Wisdom

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Orc beings sent several satellites through gateway portals reaching their home planet signaling for assitance. They are not welcome on their home planet. They cannot stay on earth.

Signalling for assistance

Very heavy energy.

Last will be even heavier.


Energy building up all over the planet

Major plasma energy storm around SEP 3rd

Last cosmic wave arrives on SEP 3 – designed for original people and animals to activate to full potential.

The spell of the Archons and Pleiadians is dwindling away. The system is falling

Universe is brought to a new level of energy. Evolution in the making.

Plasma storms will do damage to electrical equipment, power grids and other technologies.

Orc beings will not be able to prevent the storm.

100% effective to activate and evolve original people and the chosen ones.

Orc beings are losing control of the weather. Weather manipulation equipment is being destroyed by new energy waves from the cosmos.

Last cosmic waves. Massive, huge. Soon to be receiving colossal energy from the cosmos that will decimate the orc beings.

Something for all of us to think about.

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