Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds by Fontenelle Book Review.

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Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds by Fontenelle Book Review. Published 1686 – almost “FOUR HUNDRED” so-called “YEARS” ago.

I’m delighted to have the company of a young Marquise. She’s visiting Debonshire to spend the summer. I am her personal savant. We stroll the gardens of our benefactor, a lead matron in the Paris salons. We stay five nights. Each evening is a chapter in the book. We meet in the dark, under the stars, golden specks of starlight radiating from the dome.

The Marquise is extremely clever and flirtatious. She enjoys all of my knowledge. We melt in the music of the spheres, glowing like milk in the riviera.

I tell her about heliocentric mass, the latest discoveries. Planets moving in vortices of irregular ellipses. The moon is inhabited, the rings of Saturn evidence of centripetal force to infinity. Cartesian Space.

This is the creation myth. We discuss it under the stars surrounded by Euro opulence. Not once do you oblige me a glimpse of your ankles. Your porcelain bosom wrapped in a lace bodice. We talk. We use philosophy. We watch the night sky for signs of love.

We find it there. On the green grass. Nothing but stars above and generous portions of undeniable humanity. We kiss, we fondle. It’s science.

The plurality of worlds.

“I confess,” she answered, “that there would be no way to get out of it, and I see you’ve an air of confidence that frightens me already.

The supple Marquise draws the right conclusions.

“If you resist me,” I replied, “I know what I’ll add to strengthen it.”

Romantic dialogue continues throughout.

The book is a treasure trove of double and triple entendres.

This is why we worship heliocentric mass.

Constant motion salami vortex of particle physics. (Cartesian Space.)

Fontenelle describes a visible crust growing over the sun in the days of Caesar.

T-Tauri code white.

We needn’t be concerned with the face on the moon. It looms at us in all epochs.

The orbits incalculably advantageous for rotational synchronization, allowing for perfect eclipses and earth facing moon.

Statistical coincidences approach the impossible.

The possibility of earth facing moon (tidal locked), perfectly aligned to reveal corona spectrum during full eclipse, always in perfect rotational synchronization to only show her waxing, waning, and full light, and always the same face. Always the same face. Always and forever the same face of the moon.

In a constant-motion, salami-pinwheel, orbital-system of Heliocentric particle mass; I guess it could happen. (It could never happen.)

The vortex of Descarte DOES NOT CONFORM TO THE FACTS. For the moon to always face us, always the same side, always the same face, always the same light. The discontinuity of the facts, that the grit model of particle physics constructed from the vortex of Descarte, so closely evolving around heliocentric mass, reveals PARTICLE PHYSICS IS A LIE.

Go for it!


Techno Space Religion Heliocentric Mass and Particle Physics.

Me and the Marquise
in a country garden
looking at the moon.

Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds by Fontenelle Book Review

“Truth enters the mind so naturally that learning it for the first time seems merely like remembering it.”

My dearest Marquise. I would be entirely put out if you accepted anything I say as truthful or marginally correct. I’m just riffing this vortex story for a little action.

I am the savant.

Thanks to Jules Verne for recommending this excellent book in his adventure From the Earth to the Moon.

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