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Removing trees by Apocalypse Cabin and temporarily placed a barrel under the roof overhang. It rained the following day, and the barrel was completely full of fresh, clear, rainwater.

I began to formulate a better system to capture the rain.

This project will also solve a drainage problem on the East side of Apocalypse Cabin.

Proof of concept rainwater harvest system One-point-Oh.

I ripped, lengthwise, a seventeen foot conduit pipe with my circular saw, creating a long gutter. I used small chain to hang the pipe from the fascia boards under the roof overhang.

The water, when it rains, is supposed to runoff the roof, get captured in my gutter conduit, flow down to a temporary manifold (igloo ice-chest), and redirect down the hill where I can better estimate flow rate and quality of system.

I have all kinds of wild imaginations on water storage devices, ICB totes, more barrels, repurposed SPA/Jacuzzi, the big poly towers. I can make an overflow pond down the hill. The possibilities are many, provided my initial proof of concept tests OK.

I cannot discount the following “feeling”.

On the day I spent creating water catchment system, I was planning on doing something totally different and unrelated to that task.

A feeling of joy overflowed into my soul as I began to construct rain collection system. It was the Holy Spirit directing me.

I am here, in the woods, following her every command.

Light rain last night put my gutters to task. I need better downspout control and a ninety degree pipe fixture to point the water down hill.

Overall, I’m excited to see the system work.

I’ll continue to brainstorm the myriad of possibilities the system will provide.

Mostly and primarily the possibility of drinking water during the unavoidable, imminent, collapse of BABYLON.

Jah Bless.

Surely our fathers were lied to, and have lied to us.

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