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My voice is disallowed. Removed, canceled, shadow-banned, (try searching my channel name on Bitchute, senses, NOT LISTED) You’ll see what I say is true.

I’m a targeted individual. (The FBI came to my home for speaking against WHO, the fake pandemic, and children in face mask.)

They only allow the morons to have a voice. I shouldn’t call them morons. There are many fine people that submit their work (free speech) and have an easy time with it.

It’s clear from my perspective, as a targeted individual, that the controllers will only allow certain people to have a voice in this prison camp.

I had an account on twitter for a few months, then I started tweeting on it, and it was quickly removed. (When I “tweeted” at the Lockheed Martin CEO for supporting “Essential Workers”- the most “communist/UN-American” idea on the planet, Essential Workers:RED DAWN!)

More On Elon Musk

I had a Youtube and Facebook account, and then the FBI showed up at my door to let me know they’re watching me.

Social Media Police (FBI)

The things I say are extremely concerning to them.

You can ask the Fort Worth police department about this encounter, as one of their officers was present with body cam. They were all wearing N95 face mask- living nightmare style. Like when the FEDS came down on the ET house with their hazmat suits to capture the alien.

Bank accounts closed, TRANSACTIONS REVERSED, inventory stolen, shutdown, and canceled in this terrible purgatory system of “fake capitalism”.

I even joined the forum of a contemporary author, Joseph Farrell at, but he banned me because his weak, Oxford, sensibilities are no match for a State-College educated American with real-world experience.

You would be surprised at the tenacity of a person armed only with his words. You are mighty indeed.

I think there are many people like me who have been effectively blockaded from broadcasting their speech. I’m not talking about the morons at these alternative social media sites owned by the very same Alphabet organizations that banned them. (Bitchute as mentioned above)

Being herded to their particular echo chambers as they bicker about the blacks and whites, democrats and republicans, two wings from the same terrible bird (The Eagle).

Terms and definitions provided by corporate sponsors.

I’ll keep picking away at their paradigm until all of their lies are revealed, or, I am dead. It is Our God given right and duty to do so.

All of you controllers, operatives, and agents; Come and get me. You know exactly where I am.

Sovereign individual under God.

Yes, we can all see the writing on the wall (in blood), our future is digital ID, central bank programmable digital currencies, and networks of nightmare control grids.


The mark of the beast is here. Those of us who toiled in the battle field, speaking the truth even when they came to our doors to shake us down, we will go to our graves with a clear conscious, the rest of you will see your children and grandchildren immunized and declassified as people. The subjects of The State.

Yes, you can prophesy all you want about the physical destruction of the planet by interloping solar systems (and/or climate change )

Climate is change you ignorant dolts.

It seems to me that you are missing the mark, your jelly-jar is half full of bullshit. You are a distraction. And even worse, you may be part of the problem.

You tell us, “There’s NOTHING WE CAN DO!”

Prep, pray, and stay out of the way!

Keep your mouth shut and freeze-dry your potatoes.

It sounds like you are the enemy!!! OMG!

I’m losing the plot!

FBI Wellness Check.

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